Using Ignite Talks to Ignite Thought

Change! This year I’m working as a district-level Instructional Technology Coordinator, which is much different than teaching students chemistry and biotechnology and serving as a department (content) lead. Anyway, as part of my introduction to my new community I delivered a hastily prepared Ignite-style talk to an audience of high school, middle school, and elementary school instructional technology coordinators. I’m sure, if given more time, that I would have either modified and/or included more thoughts than these:

I’m a big fan of Ignite-style talks. I think they’re a good way to shake things up in a fast-paced way that practically begs the audience to listen and engage. I think they can be excellent options for staff and professional development and PLC enrichment… definitely worthy of consideration. Here are a few of my favorites:

Will Richardson: “19 Bold Ideas for Change”

Tom Scott: “Flash Mob Gone Wrong”

And lastly, here’s one from a friend and former colleague of mine that introduced ideas that initiated conversations regarding course selection and how schedules were built at our school:

Jonathan Bjork: “Core Curriculum”

Good stuff.


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