Hard Knock Life?

From a recent email:

Thank you for all your hard work during term one.  Congratulate yourself for everything you have done – creating your e-portfolio, formulating your goals and professional growth plan, developing performance task assessments, posting your grades, establishing your club, participating in STOMP and/or Showdown, mentoring an intern and/or colleague, taking tickets at an athletic event, conferring with parents at conferences, participating in safety drills. You have all been very busy and deserving of a relaxing fall break to re-charge for next term. Enjoy your family and friends and bring balance back to your life.

Me: Oh, and for teaching kiddos. 🙂


I did all of this stuff AND even found time – with the help of my chemistry students – to add another fire drill to the list.

It was a nice and well-intended email. I just thought this list was funny (and kind of pathetic).


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