We Just Tweeted Something…


Around 20 students reportedly were suspended from McKay High School in Salem earlier this month, after they retweeted a piece of gossip about one of the school’s teachers.

According to Oregon outlet the Statesman Journal, the students retweeted a post from an anonymous, local gossip account called Salem Confessions. The Feb. 11 postalleged that one of McKay’s female teachers flirts with her students, and it mentioned the name of the teacher’s son.

Administrators at the school say retweeting the post amounted to a form of cyberbullying…

And I wonder, how will actions like this play out when students begin wearing connected technology and social media becomes more and more impactful. How, dare I ask, will schools respond? Defensively? Proactively? Or, if social media is such a deep part of their (and our) lives, will it eventually catalyze pedagogical and cultural shifts?

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