Sharing Deep Thoughts

My colleague, John Buch, sent the following email and slides to his fellow math teachers and to a few others. Three standing ovations, two hip-hip-hoorays, and a loud and crisp high five to John. I love this and can’t thank him enough for having the vision to share such material with his colleagues. Can you imagine a culture where this is the norm?

Maybe I’ll post a few of my thoughts about the actual content of his message, but for now, I’m reflecting on his taking the time to share with others.

Subject: Fire Drill!
Hey everyone,
Okay so this is not about a fire drill but rather the text of a NCTM presentation. It is not long and the font is really big. As we move forward and consider our purpose and how we can help students learn mathematics, here is one perspective.  I do not necessarily agree with everything but it provides a few ideas.  I know everyone is busy getting started and I promise not to overwhelm you with reading but we do need to commit to thinking deeply about what we do and how we do it regularly. Feel free to reply all with any initial thoughts about being mathematical engineers.
Cheers to a great year and see you all tomorrow.

Here’s a link to the NCTM presentation John mentions:


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