Day 0: Music, Balloons, and Mafia

We welcomed our freshmen and new CV students into Mosaic today. Our activities were chosen to foster a friendly and dynamic environment that helped everybody get to know each other, while respecting the greater purpose of the day, which was to welcome freshmen and new students to our school. Here are some pictures:

balloon tower 1

balloon tower 2

balloon tower winners

staff, day 0

Today was fascinating. The ability to watch learning and to observe students truly being themselves can be rare in traditional classrooms. With several of my colleagues working in Mosaic we were able to circulate and interact with students in new ways. Our reflection and planning session at the end of the day was novel. Planning and reflecting with a group of talented educators is an honor. I mean, talk about smashing together great ideas and best practices with true purpose!

Activities: Music Trivia, Balloon Tower, Newspaper Bridge, Mafia

#whathavewedone #noyellingthewordquiet #drawingdragons


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