Day 1: All Present and Accounted For (Well, Kind of…)

Our Collective kicked into gear as Mosaic freshmen and sophomores met and united today. In addition to getting to know one another and establishing our culture we had some school business to take care of: Naviance (school database/personality test/learning styles/career stuff); Code of Conduct (school “Thou shalt nots…”); Project Foundry (Mosaic information system); and Hackathon (initial design work leading into larger projects). Here are some pictures:











Our purpose today was to stretch our students into all of our learning spaces. We leveraged smaller groups with no real hard and fast (and arbitrary) deadlines to rotate through the “stations.” Students somehow got it all done! (Who knew?). Many began to process their “hacks” – several groups are taking the challenge to spend 15K to incorporate furniture and purpose into our spaces. Others are hacking builds, electronics, and climate change (to name a few). #rad

Many of our students traveled from Mosaic into and out of other classes throughout the day (as do several teachers). It’s exciting and dynamic! (Though we may consider some form of leash for one or two of our guys.) They also began using their journals in Project Foundry to reflect on their learning and the goings on in Mosaic. I look forward to reading and commenting on their work.

Our day ended with teachers reflecting and planning. It’s such a great feeling when we identify and work towards our strengths – and, believe me, this group has plenty!

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