Day 2: Advisement Success-ish!

What a day! We broke into advisement circles and began the day discussing progress, purpose, and culture. We’ve decided to rotate the groups from one teacher to another for the first three weeks, then students and teachers can draft each other into advisement groups. 


using tools


sharing ideas

room plans

Students were sharing and expanding their ideas, using power tools (Doh!), tinkering, programming, shopping, and painting. They’re learning that breaks are important and that operating under the mantra of “Have a purpose for what you’re doing and don’t be a jerk,” isn’t difficult at all.

Lunch today was a powerful PLC as we were joined by other teachers and administrators, who contributed to the power of our discussion and reflection. I simply cannot overstate the awesomeness of combining our strengths and experiences. I suppose that’s why there are movies and comics like “The Avengers” and “The Fantastic Five” … and superbands like Damn Yankees, The Highwaymen, Audioslave, The Traveling Wilburys, Velvet Revolver, and Temple of the Dog. It’s a novel way of planning and reflecting that’s maybe not for everyone, but it’s definitely for a teacher like me.

I’m grateful for creative partnerships, for our peacemakers, facilitators, and jokesters, and, ultimately, for our Collective.

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