Day 4: Detox City!

An appropriate picture with which to end our first week. Successful cleanup of our maker space!


Our first week was all about getting to know each other, our space, and our place in the school. We navigated school expectations, learned to manage mass exodus and influx, negotiated peaceful resolutions and solutions, planned and executed some pretty awesome activities and experiences, and gained many additional students along the way.

All while purposefully “detoxing” students into Mosaic – by learning to trust one another in a new and novel way.

It was a week of firsts (and lasts!) capped off by a visit by one of the inspirations and visionaries behind Mosaic – a colleague and friend, Chris Cooper.

mosaic text

I look forward to Week 2 and the seminars and purposeful inclusion of core content. How will seminars and a form of Just In Time Teaching (JiTT) sessions work in Mosaic? 

Stay tuned!

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