Day 7: Justify Your Existence!

One of these guys is working on a project, the other is, well, not working on a project. 


One of the challenges of Mosaic is knowing how and when to check in and question a student’s progress and purpose. See, our system strips away much of the classroom facade that some students can hide behind. It’s hard to fake learning and engagement when we’re all together. It’s hard to copy and half-complete something in Mosaic, where grades are nonexistent. Credit for “seat time” can’t happen in Mosaic. We’re all learning how to interact with students who have relied on teachers always prodding them and telling them to “work.” I suppose it’s all a part of detoxing.

It’s also possible that some are just not ready for an environment like Mosaic and would benefit from moving back into a more extrinsically structured classroom.

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