Day 12: Steady As She Goes

human potential

Amidst finalizing Hackathon presentations (a lot of work to overcome years of horrible presentation “skills” and expectations), Body Language seminars (what your body language may be saying about you), Spanish seminars, and science challenges, these students took a break to test one of their ideas.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 6.33.47 PM

The calendars are beginning to fill up as teachers and students alike are learning and shifting towards a system that requires both to schedule and commit. This week’s calendar does not include all that’s going on… not even close! I’ll have to post next week’s schedule, which will no doubt be very full and colorful. 

clean space -1

clean space -2

Relaxing and planning some in the clean and repurposed Maker Space. Students and teachers worked together and attacked the mess and disorganization. Now we’re ready for some more power tools! Want to donate some? 🙂

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