Day 13: We Have A Dream


These guys are working to determine the thickness of aluminum foil. They followed it up by estimating the number of atoms that are in the foil (via volume comparison). This is what I heard at one point,

“What exactly is an atom?”

Yes they were working with aluminum, but their question is pure gold. 🙂


This is one of our students sewing fabric for the final touches to his project. Though he kept saying, “I don’t know how to sew!” he ended up doing a great job.

I also hear this today, and it made me laugh:

“He told me to ‘look it up’ … I don’t know what he means so I’m just going to search for it online.”


By all accounts I should be thrilled with today. Students were finalizing their Hackathon presentations, solving science problems and challenges, and working intensely on a complicated math puzzle. The rooms were generally buzzing all day long. But instead I’m numb and a bit down.

A focus on learning blurred some today as we had to analyze our attendance forms and our students’ schedules. This isn’t entirely bad, but it comes on the heals of emails communications from the front office that always seem too direct and lacking in any kind of empathy or warmth. This, coupled with a few meetings, where we discussed, among other things, the so-called “Student Led Conferences” at our school. It’s another example of a good idea that has been “efficient-ized” to the point of of laughter. My concern, however, is that it is yet another example of a lack of vision. See, the Mosaic group has not been included in the planning at all. How can you leave out a new program that rarely fits into a system designed around other ideas and programs. Whatever. I look forward to a slew of angry emails about how we didn’t do things “right” … I’m sure they’ll be accompanied by a few knee-jerk reactions and hastily organized meetings and scoldings.

Detoxing ourselves and students is taxing. Doing this in a system that can sometimes seem too rigid and unforgiving is down right exhausting. 

It’s crazy how much Mosaic teachers can suffer because of overbearing office assistants and an occasional administrator suffering from cases of chronic tunnel vision and acute Egoitis. The optimist in me says that this “suffering” will only make us stronger. But right now it just pisses me off.

Plus, I’m sick. Boo.

Students: I love you guys… but I’m human and therefore have my fair share of ups and downs and righteous sixth sense concerns. Writing and reflecting like this helps me learn and grow as I usually identify patterns and triggers that I can share with my colleagues to help steer Mosaic through the occasional mine field or two. I’m sure I’ll be all smiles again by the time we say “Good Morning!” to each other.

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