Day 14: Ready, Aim … Whoa!

Today was our first day of pitches and presentation from our Hackathon. Some students worked dilegently on their ideas and sought feedback regarding their presentations, slide design, and overall presence. Many slammed together their ideas a day or so before today and fell back on time-tested “Death by Powerpoint” and general awkwardness. A few, like these guys, were actually working on their slides in the audience.


As teachers we learned (and are learning) quite a bit about ourselves in addition to learning in general. Here a few of us wait for the next group to launch their talk. They signed up for slots, but were – for some reason – waiting for us to run the show. We waited for fifteen L-O-N-G minutes for the next group to get going. They were confused. We don’t blame them … but we had to start somewhere. We had to have our first day at some point, right?

teachers-presentation daypresentation 1

Here’s a hack of a song that was pretty cool. It was “dub-stepped” or something… 🙂

And here’s a video that one of our student produced depicting the Battle of Marathon. He walked us through it and discussed how different strategies could have been used that would more than likely have altered the outcome of the battle – in the favor of the Persians.


We learned a lot this day. I sincerely believe that our kids have tremendous potential to learn to present, take Q&A, and to prepare and to seek feedback from others.

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