Day 15: Calendars & Mosaic

calendar, mosaic

A few of today’s seminars included:

Hacking the Space: groups that redesigned our learning space are meeting to synthesize their ideas and be interviewed and subsequently chosen (pitch their bids, 15K real budget); Statistical Analysis #1; Español: Hablando del espacio; ASL: Introductory Signs; and Science: Atomic Problem Solving.

Students also began to choose their next project or projects from a menu of approximately 10 or so broadly outlined ideas. Here are a few titles, some more descriptive than others: Project Citizen, CVHS SSN Unity Garden, Nyamashato Secondary School Science Project for Renewed Hope Charitable Foundation, Inc., a 401C-3 Charity, Company Branding for “Real Good Writing, LLC”, Snapshot CV (or Castle Rock, Douglas County, or Colorado), and Fear!

As students choose their next project and team they submit project proposals to their advisors that outline and describe deliverables, stakeholders, deadlines, and content standards and practices. It’s up to the students and their advisors to communicate (and modify, modify, modify) their overall project. So, you see, our students are advancing along several fronts as they learn… and so our the teachers! 🙂

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