Day 16: The Uncanny Valley

fear seminar

There were so many picture-worthy moments today, but I was too busy running around to take many. The picture above is one of an informational seminar on a possible project called “Fear!” … which, among other things, may explore the psychology and (hopefully) biochemistry of fear. I suppose students who choose this seminar may end up collecting data as to what produces a fear response in individuals. Here’s a plot (thanks to a colleague) that attempts to indicate patterns in such data (well, kind of):

fear, uncanny valley

This is just one of many potential projects that students are choosing from. I’m hoping that some look into fear across cultures, evolution and fear, “Nothing to fear but fear itself…,” and so-called “lack of fear” and/or psychopathy.  I’m really hoping that somebody contacts Stephen King or Wes Craven. Maybe we’ll get an awesome school-sponsored Haunted House just in time for Halloween. Who knows?

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