Day 17: So, Would You Describe Yourself As A Risk Taker?

space interviews

One of our projects is taking the Mosaic students who hacked the space (designed our learning space with a real budget) to the next level. They have met to discuss next steps and to decide who does what and which designs advance. In this picture my colleague and I are interviewing one of our students. They worked with another teacher to practice interviewing skills and, effectively, how to seel their aspirations to either lead or be a part of the fifteen-student renovation team. I was an honor to help with two interviews. I can’t complement Natalie and Shaun enough for their vision and for exactly how they are taking the space design to the next level and, ultimately, to reality. Amazing.

It’s important to note that all of this is happening along with other amazing projects and seminars. Motivated students are truly excelling – they have learned to run a calendar schedule and to value their time and their time with others. It’s just amazing to witness. I eagerly anticipate all of our students learning to organize and focus like they are doing.

Math and science seminars continue. I can’t help but notice the engagement in our Statistics seminars and the inherent overlap with some of the scientific ideas conveyed and explored during our science seminars. And speaking of our science seminars, serious celebration of what Kayla and I were able to help students master today. In one seminar we think we were able to help students connect proper measurement skills with uncertainty and error. A rag-tag group of mostly freshmen were tackling the famous (sometimes infamous) idea of significant figures in calculations. Our first group of the day was a bit tainted by interruptions and wildly late participants, but our second seminar was simply brilliant. I can’t wait to see get together with these kids again to see how well they truly understand these complex ideas. They should be checking in with us tomorrow as they complete several problems. (They finish their work and then sit with us so we can provide feedback and help. We’ll collect their work once we’ve scrutinized all of the material together.)


We finished our day with a much needed and effective teacher restorative circle of sorts. We all agree that there are major issues that need attention – I love reflecting with my colleagues. It’s one of the most powerful and anticipated parts of what we do in Mosaic. Mosaic explores the student-teacher, student-student, and teacher-teacher dynamics like no other program or (potentially) school. You should come and visit … see for yourself! 🙂

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