Day 18: Now Fear This, Repeat, Now Fear This

My day began strangely. I waited for my advisement group for approximately 10 minutes – alone. They never showed up in our usual meeting place.


So, I headed back to the main Mosaic area and found the entire gang of students and teachers watching clips from classically “scary” movies. It was another seminar in a project called Fear! … many of the students were engrossed in the clips and the analysis that followed, some were just grossed out.

Regardless, it seemed like a fun way to start the day.

Many of the projects began to gather steam. I had to switch gears during advisement to help my non-Mosaic students prepare for the school wide competition/extravaganza-thing they call the Showdown.

Science seminars went well, but they felt rather uninspired. It was really a low energy day in Mosaic.

With one big exception…

There’s a movement afoot to implement some internal changes within Mosaic to bring about more structure to work within the school system. Is this a knee-jerk reaction or a proper response to the needs of our students? I look forward to feedback from the rest of the Collective, which certainly includes students.

Also, we may find ourselves blending our environment quite a bit in certain subjects to provide booster shots to accompany major projects and seminars. I’ll provide more on this soon. Several digital platforms are currently being leveraged to different ends and by different teachers (Project Foundry, Google Plus, Remind, and a few others) but we’ll probably use Google Classroom for some interactivity and online banter.

#nosegoes #herecomesShowdown