Day 19: Real-World Involvement and Motivation

I’m hoping that this post and my future posts take the form of a true 180-blog: a picture and a caption that describes learning that took place during the day. It’s to be a focus on learning rather than teaching… but I’m sure the posts will never quite be that simple as there’s just too much going on. I’ll try!


Students working on the “Company Branding: Real Good Writing” project gather to meet with their client (and Mosaic mentor), Chris Cooper, via Google Hangout. Here’s a brief description of the project that was created by Michael Schneider and Chris:

Create a consistent and unique brand including a logo, invoices, project proposals, business cards, etc. to use in communication with current and future clients.


Later that day students met with another project mentor Tom Staab of the Renewed Hope Charitable Foundation to discuss the parameters of the Nyamashato Secondary School Science Project. With these real-world connections comes immense buy in and motivation for students truly committed to the projects.

“Best day yet.” -Michael Scheider

And this all took place amidst other project and content seminars, lunchtime PLC, and Showdown preparation.

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