Day 20: Mentors and Partners … Community!

Not 24 hours ago I pledged to share posts that contain pictures of student learning in Mosaic… 

lost coffee 1

So what’s with this picture? Well, it was taken at a local coffee shop following our first “Community Coffee” event where several prominent local business owners were invited to spend some time with Mosaic students and staff to forge novel relationships and to create transformative learning experiences for all involved.

See, Mosaic is encouraging community members to serve as Mentors within the program. Our Mentors can create opportunities for projects, provide feedback on projects and specific skills, donate time, expertise, and money (I suppose) – or they can do all of these as the conversations that took place tonight confirm. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to purposefully involve the community in student learning in ways that stretch people of all ages (and by that I mean our young students and our not young students).

In this picture our Principal, Dr. James Calhoun, is discussing the theory behind Jared Diamond’s book, Collapse, with several students. I promise he’s not scolding them. I should have taken a picture when everyone was there and the place was crowded, but I was too busy listening and discussing with our guests and with my colleagues and students.

I look forward to our next evening like this… late October I think.

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