Day 21: Nerds Unite!

Showdown Week is an exciting and crazy week … and there’s a theme every day. Yesterday’s theme was Twin Day. Here are the twins Christina and Kayla:


Today’s theme was dress up like a teacher day.



My friends and colleagues really got one over on me. They were able to completely surprise me by copying my stylish, hip, and frumpy look… right down to the glasses and shoes. Well played, guys, well played. šŸ™‚


Oh yeah, learning … Here’s some ASL practice:


And some shape manipulation and pattern seeking:


And here’s some Showdown song and cheer practice:

showdown song

Students in our science seminars are progressing and beginning to branch out and investigate different disciplines, like Biology, Chemistry, and Earth/Space. Some are really appropriately applying mathematical skills in their investigation. Others are attempting to stay conceptual and non-mathematical. I’m sure I’ll have pictures soon of the lab space being used for various experiments and investigations that will give you an example of how diverse their interests seem to be.

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