Day 22: T-Minus One Day and Counting


I suppose it’s an advantage of having a maker space in Mosaic, but the sophomore trash can event for the CVHS Showdown is coming along nicely. The class showdown theme is “US Cities” and the sophomores were given Vail, Colorado as their city. Their trashcan has a wheeled snowboard underneath mountains, the Colorado and Vail logos, and, ultimately, a clear beach ball serving as the top of a snow globe. They have confetti snow and a cardboard village inside the “snow globe” … a battery powered fan throws the confetti snow up and give the appearance of a shaken snow globe. In this picture Jeremy, Jeremiah, and Megan are dressing up the CVHS Sabercat, which will be attached to the snow globe – effectively peering inside. It’s coming along nicely and is going to be amazing. Good work!

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