Day 23: Don’t Eat Our Hotdogs!

Well, today was the much anticipated Showdown day, which brings with it incredible distraction and perceived chaos… unless you’ve experienced the day and plan accordingly. In Mosaic we’ve noticed that Fridays do not have the same levels of focus as the other days of the week. Because of this, we have discussed not holding seminars on Fridays and using these days to pitch new projects. In accordance with this thinking, Michael proposed that we have a “No Tech” day today and instead play games during the Showdown-shortened academic schedule. He also forwarded the idea of BBQ’ing some grub for the Collective – excellent ideas across the board.

I suppose the only thing we didn’t necessarily anticipate was the onslaught of other teachers’ advisement students who came to play the games and poach the food. We stopped short of sending nasty email messages to these teachers or contacting administration because, well, we’re better than that. 🙂

Games included cards (many, many games), charades, Monopoly, some kind of circuit building thing, Duck-Duck-Goose, and hacky sack … it was fun watching kids act like kids.

Here are some of the day’s pictures (compliments of Natalie):


game day

And here are some pictures of the Showdown (compliments of Kelly) and a video of the Seniors chanting their song and cheer:






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