Day 24: Resolved and Re-Opened Comments

As I mentioned the other day, my posts simply cannot summarize the complexity of our days – so I’ll be posting snippets of the day … snippets that reflect learning and progress.

Today I spent some time reviewing a group’s research into a project that aims to investigate warfare and the evolution of societies and technology. At this point they are examining major wars and the weaponry used in these wars. I made countless comments and asked dozens of questions to help extend my understanding of their work and to probe their progress and potential direction. Not long after doing this my inbox was flooded with “Comment Resolved” emails, which implied that they read my contributions and then deleted them, err, I mean, resolved them rather than responding or thinking about them.

It’s just an example of how students can be native to technology but not versed in using it to extend thinking, productivity, collaboration, and curate research.

resolved plan

Here’s a quick and benign comment I made regarding their Guiding Question.

guiding question


Which was immediately “resolved.”

resolved comment

Thanks to Google I was able to “re-open” all of the resolved comments. And I’m assuming I’ll probably have to get really good at “re-opening” comments. 🙂

reopened comment

Maybe this is a weird post, but it’s something that really stuck in my mind today.

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