Day 25: Create Something Great!

I wasn’t on campus today during instructional time, but that didn’t stop my colleagues from taking great pictures to share on this blog. Let’s start with this one:

phone charger

This is a great picture! It makes me long for our upcoming learning space redesign and overhaul, which comes with – among other things – a tremendous expansion of charging stations. In this picture, if you look carefully, you’ll notice the cell phone hanging from an outlet in the ceiling near where the overhead projector is plugged in. One of these students was smart enough to notice the outlet and realize that it’ll charge a phone just fine… even if the phone just hangs!

On a more instructional note…

Now that our students seem more comfortable managing their time with seminars, projects, etc., we are unveiling a blended approach to subjects like math and science using our district-provided LMS, Moodle. I’m told students were diving into the various math problems that were provided. Here’s one of them:

math prob

Parent-Teacher-Student conferences took place tonight (4pm – 8pm). Her my colleagues are powering up with a nice parent-provided dinner.

P-T conf

In Mosaic we were able to conduct our conferences in our learning space, which meant several were taking place in the same room – though we were told not to do this. The dynamic was amazing! It’s not like we could hear each other’s conversations, but that the event had a sense of community. In many cases parents would arrive early for their conference to find that they’d have to wait. But instead of just wait another Mosaic teacher would confer with them and then yield to the other teacher once they were ready. It was great! Parents were often able to meet with several Mosaic teachers, not just their student’s advisement teacher.

“We should do this again in November.” – Michael

I agree! These nights are validating and rejuvenating. We should do them more often. (I would have never said when I worked in a traditional setting.)

My night was busy. I had a conference early and then left to facilitate a session about Mosaic at this event:

september CSG

Sharing the ups and downs of Mosaic to a group of colleagues from other schools in our district was powerful. They asked great questions – I learned quite a bit from their input and look forward to working with them in the near future. Talk about collaboration!

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