Day 28: The Mosaic Way

In Mosaic we spend time discussing and learning presentation and communication skills. We began the morning with an activity that my colleague calls “Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up.” In this activity students circulate and pair up to take turns answering questions that they were provided the day before. They learned quite a bit about handshakes, eye contact, and posture when talking to other people – especially about their work. I’m told the next phase of this activity continues to promote these skills, but also directly focuses on listening skills and such. Here’s a short clip as they began the activity. I don’t know why they all chose to only occupy one of our three rooms for this. I loved starting the day like this!

Several of us spent lunch with our Principal, Dean, Registrar, and a District employee to justify and account for instructional hours in Mosaic to preempt any sort of audit by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Yummy.


Here’s a picture of a math seminar with an ASL seminar behind it. It looks crazy until you realize that the ASL students are silently signing to one another. In this ASL seminar a group of advanced students visited Mosaic to chat with your ASL newbies. The math students and instructor were discussing potential solutions to a geometric problem and how they are learning and adjusting to using the online platform for course organization and such. (Burke was sizing me up and probably wondering thinking about how he could hack my phone to subvert my image upload – probably.)


Our day ended with what I’m now calling a “Mosaic Circle of Awesome” where we reflected on the day and week’s activities and set plans in motion to meet our students’ needs for next week. They were still going when I left to meet with a Mosaic family, which was awesome. Our families and parents rock!

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