Day 29: Burridos or Burritos?

space seminar

There was a lot going on in Mosaic today! This picture is of the space renovation and design team debating the pros and cons of finishing their work by a certain date. What happens if we’re early? What if we’re late? What must be delivered by the date? What is success with respect to this project and by when? How will we display our ideas to the larger Mosaic group? Will they vote for their favorite design ideas? How will we organize the work over Fall Break? Does everybody have to be there? Can others help too?

It took them a while to get at realistic rewards and consequences for completing their renovation by a certain date. It was fascinating to hear their ideas … stripping away the concept of points and grades forced the conversation into an entirely different (and welcome) direction.

Great questions and fun banter… amazing group!

And this was just one small pocket of learning that took place today.

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