Day 31: [Insert Title Here]

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math patterns 2

Here Mr. Joel Justice is working with a group of math students. I asked him what was going on… here’s what he said:

“It is a communication activity where students can only use their words to describe a house that has different pieces to it and their goal is to find the one house that is different than the 45 other cards.”

To me it looked like an animated game of math charades with much talk about angles, polygons, and triangles. They were excited and engaged. And Joel? Well, he’s a master at letting students talk and explain without himself jumping in and overpowering their contributions. Well done!


So much going on today. I was kind of all over the place working with colleagues, students, and administrators. It was a hectic, yet productive and necessary kind of day.

AND ON ANOTHER NOTE, our Principal, Dr. Jim Calhoun, is back blogging. I was happy to receive notice of his new blog post about educational transformation where he adds his perspective to Mosaic and reflects on what it’s like to be a part of something transformative and important. I think he does a great job of describing what it feels like when “organized chaos” is compared to the perceived calm of managed classrooms and rationed learning.

“In the first weeks of school, I entered the room and the organized chaos made my body react in ways associated with high anxiety (i.e. cold sweat, increased heart rate, ringing in my ears).  My mind raced with thoughts of what will others think.”

Thirty-five years in education and homeboy’s pushing boundaries by supporting and leading transformation at the grassroots level. And he’s blogging, tweeting, and emailing about it all.

Yeah, we’re proud … and extremely grateful.

Read his post. It’s cool. He covers a lot of ground and will challenge you to not jump right back into the box when times get rough and challenging.

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