Day 32: Motivational Eavesdropping

Yes, I was able to talk to a teacher colleague from a different high school who took his time to connect me, us, with a company that designs, installs, and educates about aquaponic systems; tour the Unity Garden space with Michael; and research information about potential future city design and the mathematics of Ebola all before lunch, it’s my time spent crafting a short document with my colleagues that really sticks in my mind.


Check it out if you want. It’s not groundbreaking or anything (the first page was written some time ago), but it did force Natalie and I to stop for a while and work together to craft portions of the document. Maybe it’s not a big deal to some, but I really thought it was cool how Natalie got our other colleagues to type summaries of any material or project mentioned in the document (that they are advising) … something like nine authors!

While I was “stationed” in the science lab working on this document I was able to just listen in on some conversations (students and teachers alike):

“The Fear Project is making me think about what really drives some of our, you know, human, emotional responses.”

“Can we continue to work on our stuff over the summer?”

“This is the best student writing I’ve read in my 22 years of teaching.”

“Can you think of any practical inclusion of measurements in femtometers?”

“These colonies grew on an ampicillin plate, but they’re not glowing. Why?”

“What were the first and original examples of writing in human history?”

“Does 1 + 1 really equal 2?”

“I figured out where Pi comes from! I get it!”

“Would intelligent alien beings have ears like ours? Wait, why are our ears shaped this way?”

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