Day 33: It Was A Good Day

Students had the day off today.

We didn’t.

Today was a Staff or Professional Development day and we had lots to do. We were allowed to meet off site (because we asked) to help us focus on our work and to limit distractions. We met at Michael’s house, or as I like to call it, “Casa Del Schneider.”

After a nice breakfast together, we began our day by discussing some philosophy, our evolution, and some of our goals and future direction. We organized the day and got to work.

PD schneiders

One group worked on a protocol document for “student-initiated” project pitches. This is for projects that students are interested in beginning rather than teacher-initiated projects. Here, check it out of you want:

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.53.31 PM

nadelle PD

Another group created “Backwards Plans” for several projects. They entered the plans into InspirEd and shared them with the other Mosaic teachers. Doing this will help with our organization, evaluations, and communication.

backwards plan project

shaun PD

A third group was organizing our RTI¬†strategies and created a database for us to add and describe our efforts to create environments that are both personalized and customized for our students. Here’s one of the documents they created:

RTI stuff

kitchen PD

After lunch we shared and critiqued our work (roundtable discussion of sorts) and then made adjustments.

PD day

PD day 4

The last hour or so of the day was spent pitching potential teacher-initiated project ideas. I call it “project incubation.” Totally top secret stuff … I can’t share. Really.

top secret

The very last portion of the day was spent organizing an opportunity for our students to learn about their personalities to help them work with others. I think we successfully negotiated and scheduled a district Emergenetics profile training for our students. (stay tuned)

Alas, it was a good day.