Day 34: #scichat

I was out of Mosaic this morning to attend a brief symposium (four interesting speakers), which began with Tony Wagner sharing his research, ideas, and challenges to a room of educators and administrators. Though a colleague of mine later joked (?) that I was there to “take credit for Mosaic,” I was really there to learn, network, and share – a necessary part of our work and growth. The content of the presentations more than validated our work and has given me some ideas and material to mull over and share with my colleagues.


I noticed something interesting on the Mosaic master calendar today. Do you notice the #scichat seminar below?


Kayla added it to the calendar … and it’s an absolutely brilliant idea. During #scichat students and teachers will be able to share and discuss modern scientific research and discoveries. I love this idea because I think it will help our students discover ideas for projects and experiments to investigate. Awesome!


Another highlight of my day was an intense and academic conversation with a student about biological evolution. I was able to listen to his questions and to help him begin to clarify what exactly he wants to learn more about.


#videoaboutcreditandstandardsinprojectfoundry #cooper