Day 35: #GFIO

Sierra, Emma, and Haley are putting the final touches on some prototypes for a project that they are working on.

family block

Nicole and Megan are working on some math and biology together.


Shaun held an impromptu seminar that introduced a game called “MindTrap.” Here is his summary of the game:

MindTrap is a series of lateral thinking puzzle games played by two individuals or teams. Players are given a puzzle and have a limited amount of time to solve it. Each correct answer advances the player or team along a track printed on the scorecard; they win by being the first to reach the end.

martin game

Here Parker and Jeremy are working on the room design are meeting with Neil Austin from the district maintenance office. They reviewed and discussed our planned renovation.

Lighting meeting

Kayla and John working on customizing Project Foundry, our Student Information System, to reflect student progress towards credit and eventually graduation.


Here are some clips of Jeremy explaining a bit about the lighting and power demands of our room renovation.

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