Day 37: There’s Just So Much Going On, Man

Many of our students are in phases of their projects where they are assimilating much of their research and/or revising and modifying their material… lots of screen time going on in the morning. I should taken more pictures myself, but I am grateful for my colleagues Natalie and Amanda sending me a few to put in this post. I think my colleagues sending me their pictures and videos with short captions will be crucial to the future of this 180-blog  – there’s just so much going on in Mosaic.


In this picture one student is researching Chinese human rights activism as part of his Project Citizen project, another is loading a video to edit on a movie for his Fear project, and a third is reviewing his calendar with Margie.

chinese thing

This picture shows Wade tweaking the program that he’s using to control his robot. He’s working on developing an idea of his into a full-blown investigation/project.


Jeremy, one of the students working on the lighting and power portion of the learning space redesign, is taking matters into his own hands. He’s no doubt working on connecting what he can see and touch in the room with what the blueprints he’s been given say about the room.


In this clip Elly is explaining a bit about the color and texture choices for the paint that will be used to retouch the Maker Space.


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