Day 39: At What Cost?

Cristina, a student from León, Spain, Haley (Mosaic student), and Kelly are communicating in Spanish. Cristina, no doubt, is also picking up some more English as she spends time at Castle View.

espanol con Cristina (Leon, Spain)

A Fear! project and writing seminar conducted by Shaun.

Fear & Writing Seminar

Sean’s playing with Scratch in a seminar organized by Kayla in response to students’ needs and questions.



Dear Students, I hope you can all pause and reflect on how much this worthy effort of ours is costing my colleagues and I in energy and time as we work towards developing a system and environment that we feel, and indeed, know is right and ripe for learning. We have sacrificed power, sway, and, to some extent, a sense of certainty in order to move forward together.

And it is not easy.

Each of us finds ourselves at times reminiscing of orderly classrooms and a form of traditional, rationed learning, where we place ourselves as the gatekeepers of your knowledge and intellectual maturity. Maybe it’s revisionist, maybe it’s romanticized, but we simply cannot help but ruminate about the perceived comforts of the box we jumped out of to launch Mosaic.

So forgive us from time to time, or better yet, think about us from time to time … think about our health and, dare I say, our sacrifice. And maybe you’ll muster a thank you – we believe in you and we care for you all – deeply. Believe in us; care for us – we’re a community and indeed a collective: teachers and students struggling and learning together, and despite our occasional day dreams, I don’t think any of us would really have it any other way.

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