Day 40: Shenanigans!

Our day began as Mosaic teachers gathered in our small office and somehow found ourselves discussing the origins of the world “shenanigans” … I have no idea why, but it was a fun conversation … and it’s a fun word to say. Try it!

S-H-E-N-A-N-I-G-A-N-S   🙂

We use advisory time to share our “Interim Assessment Feedback” form, which takes the place of term grades. Students provide feedback regarding their experience and learning, then teachers assess on the Mosaic Practices. After we add our assessments, the form is sent along to our parents, who will review the student and teacher feedback and then add their own comments, which will then be reviewed by teachers and students. Here’s an linked image to the current version of the form.

narrative form

Students participated in a short seminar for their Fear! project. It was a repeat of yesterday’s seminar to a different group. In the session Shaun showed a short video clip that was to exemplify several elements of a “scary” video. He videoed the students’ responses, but when sent to me it was flipped and inverted. So, in it’s place (temporarily?) is the audio portion of their responses when the weird-toothy-kid-doll-thing popped into the frame.

Not too much later in the morning Nadelle called me over to a conversation she and Kelly were having with two students. It was cool! Spanish, ASL, and some English all rolled into one.


And here’s a short clip of the exchange. It’s a bit noisy in the background because this happened right after the Fear! project seminar ended.


John and Wade are problem solving an issue involving communication between Wade’s Arduino board and his computer.

buch-wade programs

We hold PLC meetings almost each and every lunch. I thought today’s PLC was one of our best! Shaun pitched a project he is interested in launching. I call this process “project vetting” as it precedes a more formal tune up session with students. He did an excellent job presenting his idea, soliciting feedback, and acknowledging opportunities for interdisciplinary work. He laid out a detailed project plan and schedule that expertly shared its purpose and scope. His idea and plan would make any experienced Project Manager sit up and take note. Well done, Shaun. (He’s hidden in the picture behind Michael, who’s in the yellow shirt.)

lunch PLC

Here’s a picture of McKinley toggling between a physical separation technique and his working on his Narrative Interim Assessment form, which is followed by the left overs of another lab experiment.

breen lab

lab counter

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