Day 41: Shindig!

Apparently I completely screwed up the beginning of yesterday’s blog post.

We were really talking the word “shindig” not shenanigans. Don’t be too hard on me. They’re both cool words and are fun to say aloud. Try it!

S-H-I-N-D-I-G! đŸ™‚


Alright! The campus is on final exam schedule today and tomorrow.

I’ve certainly experienced what it’s like to give final exams at times when other teachers are having “closure parties,” but today I (we) experienced something entirely different. Rather than having to help students maintain their focus in an environment where they may be marching through a schedule that has them hanging out and having a class party before your class’s final, Mosaic, of course, had an entirely new dynamic.

Our students completed their portions of their Interim Narrative Assessments, which were forwarded to us teachers to then work on. So they seem to have a sense of “it’s over.” Fall Break starts on Friday (for them), which they no doubt know quite well. So today, I’m sorry to say, there just didn’t seem to be too much student learning going on. Teacher learning, yes… we continue to assess and modify to help create a responsive, measured, and progressive learning environment – and today was a crash course of sorts.

Here’s a picture of what I’ll call a “YouTube tumor,” which grows rapidly in both size and volume if left unchecked. Notice the blocked off entrance to the Maker Space. This is because it is being prepped for some renovation work over the break.

shindig 2

Here’s another picture of the Youtube tumor. Notice the growth and partial metastasis.

shindig 1

Being serious for a second, this type of distracted behavior happens in all classes. But like most behavior, awesome and not-so-awesome, it is amplified in Mosaic because of both the number of students and the openness of the space.

After school several of us met with teachers from a “sister” school of sorts, Ponderosa High School. Our Ponderosa colleagues are taking steps to introduce a student-centered learning experience for their students. They met with us to ask questions and so we could share ideas. I hope we get to meet up again. I loved their perspective and their collective passion and desire to evolve for their students.

pondo meeting

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