Days 42 and 42 1/2: Need A (Fall) Break?

Day 42:

Again, Final Exam schedule at Castle View… and a nice visit with Will Richardson.

lunch with will

Clockwise from lower left: Jim Calhoun, John Buch, Michael Schneider, Will Richardson, Me, and Shaun Martin at lunch.

Will is such a thoughtful listener and deep and creative thinker. His experience and ideas both push our thinking and challenge our assumptions about learning. Of the many, many discussions that took place during his short visit I was left really chewing about the importance of establishing vision, norms, and thus purposeful culture. To be continued…


Day 42 1/2:

Fall Break…

The first phase of the learning space hack (redesign) was put into action. Shaun and Natalie have been working with several Mosaic students to synthesize ideas about lighting, paint, furniture, etc. They organized students and teachers over Fall Break to paint the rooms. While we were there district maintenance installed some retractable walls and more power outlets for charging stations. Here’s a timeline of their work this week.






In this picture students are pooling their cash to run to the store to buy more tape. THEIR.OWN.CASH.


(The maximum daily dollar amount on the school credit card had been spent… we could not spend more regardless of our overall budget.)

More timeline pictures:









Though I wasn’t there each of the four days of work, I was there enough to enjoy working with our students and my colleagues. It was awesome to help the kids learn how to prepare to paint, paint, touch up, and clean up. I think they learned quite a bit – well, actually, I think they learned an amazing amount. They had budgets, shopping lists, and receipts. They learned about paint types, paint colors, and about primer chemistry. They worked together and they worked alone – they worked with purpose. They learned the frustrations of scheduling and of organizing work crews. Most importantly, they implemented their plan, which will help and inspire all of the Mosaic Collective.

Again, I had a great time. I’m proud of the students and of my colleagues.

Well done!

I look forward to phase 2 and the new furniture. But for now it’s one small step for Mosaic…

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