Days 48 – 52: First Graders, Community, and Halloween – Umm, Oh My?

We were invited to Clear Sky Elementary School to help with their first grade projects. About fifty Mosaic students and two teachers bussed to our fellow feeder area school where we were greeted by teachers. In this picture a first grade teacher discusses the project and the presentations. Our students appreciated helping the youngsters and giving them feedback. We’re all hoping, however, that next year we can give them an authentic question to research rather than the contrived question they worked on this year. It’s great to forge feeder-group relationships. It’ll be even better to grow and learn together in authentic and increasingly relevant ways.

clear sky

Mosaic hosted a luncheon with respected members of our community. We were also joined by members of the Blue Valley CAPS organization who discussed their work and encouraged our community members to get involved in Mosaic. It was a great day for the Castle View community.


Friday was Halloween. Here’s a picture of a few of my colleagues dressed up as “Disney Hipster Princesses.” This picture is hilarious! Just look at it for a few seconds. From left to right: Pocahontas, Cinderella, I can’t remember (sorry Kayla), I can’t remember (sorry Natalie), Mulan, and Tinkerbell (I think). Pocahontas, err, Erin, cracks me up in this picture.

halloween hipsters

Later in the day we spent some time out on the fields doing some team building fun. Look closely!

field day, team stuff

District media personnel spent some time in Mosaic this week. They produced the following short video.

A short article accompanied the video. It adds more detail and is worth a quick read. Here’s the link.

As always, lots going on in the Mosaic Collective!