Day 54: Big People in Mosaic

Staff Development Day – no students. We began the day with a presentation by district safety staff, which was necessary and surreal. Anytime you’re discussing active shooter scenarios and the impact velocity of long rifle rounds with a group of educators in a school it’s bound to be weird and emotionally draining.

As a follow up, we revisited some of the training from the beginning of the year called “Degrees of Strength.” It’s always good to visit and engage with my colleagues.

all staff in mosaicAfter the morning all staff sessions we spent some time, all of us, crafting an email to our parents with the creative subject, “Mosaic Communication Update.” 🙂 Here it is:

parent email

The email describes three things: a new group blog maintained by Mosaic students and teachers, a conference night that we are holding independent of and in addition to the two all-school conference nights, and several aspects of the students’ participation in an upcoming “8th Grade Night.”

I’m really excited for the blog. Check it out when you can… here’s the link:

We were also visited by our Principal, Jim Calhoun, who introduced and “planted the seeds” for some ideas regarding community relations, a book study, and how we need to address tension in the group. There is tension, of course, it’s hard and challenging work. Maybe some day we’ll be “collectively” professional enough to address it, grow closer, and get to know each other better… this all takes time – I suppose it’s hard to rush relationship and team building after all.