Day 63: Got ‘Tude?

We tend to begin and end the week as a whole collective group – with team building and fun activities. Today Michael facilitated some fun activities that challenged our students to work together … as one. Right after they activity I bumped into these girls. I asked for an “attitude” pic and this is what I got. I suppose I shouldn’t complain that these good kids have yet to perfect throwing ‘tude. 🙂

attitude fail

Here are a couple of pictures of students working on their catapult/trebuchet building for next week’s chunkin’ contest. It’s a good thing that this space is being used again – with new tools and equipment. It’s going to be crowded later this week and early next week as the contest arrives.

making treb 1

making treb 2

On another note, the Trial of the Century got started today, well, pre-trial stuff anyway. See, someone apparently used a computer to access Mr. Schneider’s open email app to send an interesting email to the entire group of Mosaic educators. It was a good prank for sure. Mr. Schneider, however, took the prank to a whole new level, threatening a law suit of sorts, which was eagerly picked up by several Mosaic students. These students have organized a mock civil trial complete with a highly successful trial lawyer as a mentor. Things got started today. Here’s a story from our budding Onion-like publication, which has lovelingly been called “The Turnip.”