Day 65: November Sky

In keeping with the original (and simple) purpose of the Mosaic-180 tag, here is a picture of some of the day’s learning.

water bottle -1Kaiden and Kevin are interested in flight and rocketry. As part of their Mosaic work they are making 2-liter water bottle rockets and are investigating principles of chemistry and physics (and hopefully some atmospheric dynamics). They’re also interested in how rockets are used to deliver payloads, whether explosive or otherwise. Today they were exploring the launcher I provided and the impact of the amount of water they use and the launch pressure. Next they plan to add stabilization design: nose cone and tail fins. Great kids; great fun!

water bottle -2

Confession: Sometimes it is hard for me to remember to stop and take pictures during the busyness of the day. I get just as hooked and engaged as our students. 🙂