Days 66 – 70: Chunkin Fruit

Many students spent the days leading up to Thanksgiving working on the “Chunkin Challenge” by constructing and testing their catapults and trebuchets. For most this was the first time they had ever built something like this. Students either purchased a kit to build from or participated in the “open build” category.

Here are some construction pics:

chunkin 1

chunkin 2

chunkin 3

chunkin 4

And here is a short clip of one team’s first launch.


Certainly lots to fix and learn. Right?

BUT… I’m proud to say that this team ended up winning the competition by throwing a grapefruit over 90 feet! Well done, students! Design, build, test, repeat … yep.


A collection of Maker and DIY-type of badges was introduced today. Most of the activities were borrowed from, a great site for kids and parents to learn making, building, and, well, doing skills. Here’s a link to the site we shared with out students.

Many students wasted no time getting started … Marissa jumped right into the “Interactive Periodic Table” activity. Her first step was to create a list of elements and their major uses, which she is going to add to tomorrow. Cool stuff!


But, alas, things are not perfect. We’ve found that Mosaic students are either working extremely hard and are enjoying the freedom and choice and the ability to pursue their interests OR that the environment may be just too hard and challenging – especially when you’ve had 8-10 years of very different experiences.

sleeping sam

But we persist… 🙂