Days 71 – 75: The Turnip!

I’ve been a tad bit neglectful of my Mosaic-180 duties, but with good reason. Not only are other Mosaic teachers blogging now (Michael, Shaun, and Nadelle), but so are the students. I’m thinking that I will use this blog to write about big ideas and issues that we are encountering and learning from – as our inaugural Mosaic year continues along.

As a (potentially) last daily post, here are some learning pics from the last few days.

Woman board

This is a picture of our hallway board. Last week this board has some sort of a strange world map that placed Mexico west of California, eliminated Great Britain, and drastically underestimated the land area of Australia, Africa, and Antarctica. Other teachers accused our students of creating the board. Honestly, I thought it was some form of abstract art or something – it was up for over a week. Alas, we had absolutely nothing to do with it other than labeling some of the incorrect countries and continents. Additionally, we were working hard to change the board to what you see above, which depicts several Important Women of the World. The irony behind this hallway bulletin board faux pax is funny and infuriating at the same time.


Several of our students have created a satirical news site called, The Turnip, which is a blatant mimic of The Onion. The site is still in beta and not yet been released. Here’s the temporary beta site that they are using.

Writers and contributors were asked to create pen names complete with an image. The names needed to incorporate some sort of root. My pen name is Saul. T. Horseradish. What you see above is my image.

I look forward to all of the future Turnip publications. The students are doing a great job getting it all together and organized.