Mosaic Development, Our Working “Bio”

Snapshot in the development of The Mosaic Collective…

As we continue to develop here’s a “bio” that best describes our program right now:

Born in 2014 out of experience, frustration, curiosity, and a sense of educational righteousness, The Mosaic Collective is a project-based, problem-based, inquiry-based, and challenge-based learning environment housed in a traditional public high school. All together, we are a student-based learning program that trades the bureaucratic distractions of the school factory and misguided over-reliance on content for the bliss of intrinsic learning and a strong focus on the needs of our students.

As teachers in Mosaic we embrace our new roles. Our work is interdisciplinary, purposeful, and always challenging. We employ methods of design thinking to continuously iterate and evolve our ideas and practices. We work with and along side our students to build a true collective of learners.

The Mosaic Collective does not grade nor does it adhere to traditional bell schedules. It empowers, trusts, creates and contributes while honoring interests, passions, and dreams – of both students and teachers alike.

Want to know what we’re doing, how and why we’re doing it, and our future goals? Ask, visit, critique, and share… we’ll listen; we’ll learn.

mosaic logo slide


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