Day 111: Sharing > Presenting

As part of the “City” seed, students are exploring and researching in order to answer their respective curiosity-born questions.

city slickers seed

Today students shared their working questions and their research progress and they solicited feedback from the other members of the group. It was clear that their working questions are evolving as they begin to take ownership of their work.

Stand, find your question on the projected form, inform the group of your progress and research, and then facilitate a brief discussion with the goal of learning and growing as a result of the feedback given from the other students and teachers in the room… Bam! Next!

And all in a 40-minute “burst” session.

True to all Seed work, the students’ questions will continue to evolve as they research, discover, and share their work. They’ll refine their searching techniques and their sharing/presentation skills. More on these later!

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