Teachers be Teaching and Assessors be Assessing


…Teachers crowded into a few rooms “learning” to assess their assessments, that is, slow-motion what is used to assess students, whether as formative, interim, or summative, and effectively grade the assessment using a rubric of sorts. The end result being a score of 1-20 where anything above 14 is considered a “gold-standard” assessment. (Note: the ACT scores a 10 on this scale.)

We’re told that the chance of scoring a 20 of 20 is akin to seeing a unicorn galloping across a sunlit field… (See, apparently unicorns don’t exist thus a score of 20 is not possible.)

Here’s a link to the presentation information if you’re interested.

It was a decent day. We love our principal and tolerate days like this for him – and for each other.

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