City, Death, Impact, and Time

Today was super fun … so I’ll share!

Beginning with one of the following seed words: city, death, impact, or time, our students asked deep questions to investigate and answer. That’s what the Seeds portion of Mosaic is all about.

mosaic circles

Student spend most mornings working on their Seed questions and research, which they eventually share and present. This they were asked to design and create print posters to enhance their presentations. We invited parents and students and colleagues outside of the Mosaic program and developed an easy to use online form to provide personalized feedback (each student created his or her own portion of the form that essentially identified their desired outcome and practices). Students signed up for their presentation times using SignUpGenius (which we also use for our MiniCourses).

Here are some sites and sounds from their presentations:

I look forward to our reflection time next week … when students process their feedback and their growth and progress.


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