Mosaic FNG – Of Supernovae and Vision

As one of my colleagues put it,

You can ask each Mosaic teacher about what Mosaic is and what it isn’t and you’ll get different responses from each of us.

No surprise or disagreement from me.

Much has been written about Mosaic over the past three years. We’ve each contributed in our own way to this writing and to the overall design process, but now that we’ve got a full year of operating Mosaic within a comprehensive high school under our belts it’s time to collapse inward and create a collective vision and mission for our endeavors (which will thus allow us to grow and evolve outwards, you know, like a Type II Supernova process – possibly ignoring of course that a supernova represents the death of a star, but not that it may result in the birth of a next generation star).


To that end, our next meetings, which I’m calling Mosaic Summer FNG (FNG = Fun ‘n Games) will be devoted to the creation of useful and memorable vision and mission statements. For our first FNG we’re to contribute individual drafts that adhere to the format of vision followed by a breakdown specific to students, teachers, and families.

I look forward to synthesizing our individual efforts into a sweet and, umm, stellar product. Here’s a draft of what I’m going to contribute:


The Mosaic Collective exists to transform learning by intentionally practicing and reflecting on what is good for learners – of all ages and backgrounds.

As such,

Students own their learning. They learn how to learn and how to communicate and share their learning experiences. They discover the joy of pure and classic learning. They are seekers: seeking to ask questions of the world and to investigate and explore. They seek to share their stories and to experience, impact, and contribute to the world around them.

Teachers are polymaths who nurture and cultivate learning.They design learning experiences that anticipate and meet the needs of their students. They build relationships with their students and provide valuable and timely feedback to guide them and help them achieve their goals. As researchers teachers reflect on their own work and learning in a public and shareable manner always seeking to grow and progress.

Families are committed advocates of learning and of a student’s mental and physical well-being. They understand that students are the communicators and owners of their individual learning and, as such, are central to all aspects and dynamics of the Mosaic Collective. Families encourage students to solve problems, to overcome challenges, and to reflect. Above all, they respect the immensity of a student’s potential to contribute to the surrounding community and, indeed, to the entire world.


Students, teachers, and families form a collective of human potential and effect a network of learning that extends beyond Castle View High School – one that breathes both from and into the world at large. Together, Mosaic students, teachers, and families serve to create, inspire, and cultivate free minds and free thinking.