The Day The Bells Stopped

September 28, 2015:

One year, one month, twenty one days, three hours, and twenty minutes after the launch of our Mosaic program.

It was a Monday.

And it was the day and date of one of the most profound moments of my career as an educator.

For on this day, at approximately 11:00am MST, the bells stopped sounding and announcements stopped screeching. And guess what! Four days later, we’re all okay. Our kids, our students, are getting around fine. The bells stopped and life went on.

In fact, we’re more than okay, we’re excellent- we’re  thriving. The last few days in the Mosaic Collective have been absolutely wonderful… and, yes, I attribute most of this to the absence of disruptive, unnecessary, ineffective, and unbelievably rude electronic noise.


I firmly believe, after working years in schools and even a few in a county jail, that institutionalism is real and it is tremendously harmful to our innate creativity and sense of mental flow.

Have you ever met someone who enjoys being interrupted?

Yeah, I mean… Right?

Stop using automated bells in schools. They are simply horrible.

Stop cattle-calling our students over the PA system. Find a different way.

Stop relying on PA interruptions to deliver hasty and ineffective messages. They insult everyone’s intelligence.

Stop being slaves to mindless institutional behavior. Instead,




Be Different.


Change the world! Be it one lousy school bell at a time, one lazy Will the following students report to the office?, or one unquestioned archaic bureaucratic policy after another, it’s well worth it: Do it.

Ask questions and question the answers. Be curious. Be bold.

(And, in our case, a bit patient and a lot persistent.) 🙂