Day 63: Got ‘Tude?

We tend to begin and end the week as a whole collective group – with team building and fun activities. Today Michael facilitated some fun activities that challenged our students to work together … as one. Right after they activity I bumped into these girls. I asked for an “attitude” pic and this is what […]

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Days 59 – 62: Meh!

Meh to me as I failed to take pictures of student learning this week. I don’t know … someone yelled, “Squirrel!” or something. I have no idea why I don’t have images of the MakerSpace action, which is beginning to kick into gear as students explore power tools, catapults and trebuchets, and Arduino boards. I […]

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Day 57: Shocker!

John, Wade, and Noah are working on Wade’s RedBot kit. I look forward to our MakerSpace opening up next week for a Pumpkin Chunkin build and for the use of the new tools and tech builder kits. Logan’s working on (playing with?) some basic design. I love how his computer is on top of the microwave. […]

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Day 54: Big People in Mosaic

Staff Development Day – no students. We began the day with a presentation by district safety staff, which was necessary and surreal. Anytime you’re discussing active shooter scenarios and the impact velocity of long rifle rounds with a group of educators in a school it’s bound to be weird and emotionally draining. As a follow […]

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Day 53: From Genocide to DNA

Our freshmen are all participating in a project called, “Cultures of Dominance.” Part of this work introduces basic genetics and molecular biology as they pertain to the concept of “race” and genes that determine traits like skin and eye color. A seminar was offered today that allowed students to use their prior knowledge (with some pushing […]

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Days 48 – 52: First Graders, Community, and Halloween – Umm, Oh My?

We were invited to Clear Sky Elementary School to help with their first grade projects. About fifty Mosaic students and two teachers bussed to our fellow feeder area school where we were greeted by teachers. In this picture a first grade teacher discusses the project and the presentations. Our students appreciated helping the youngsters and giving […]

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