What are schools for?

Training? Preparation? Umm, learning? Learning, in my experience, is rarely discussed in schools. If brought up in conversation it is almost immediately morphed into “student achievement” or some other term that dodges a close and sincere examination of what constitutes learning. Learning is a process – not a thing. It is fluid and nonlinear – […]

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Purpose of Teacher Evaluation?

This post is inspired by a training workshop designed to introduce folks to a new teacher evaluation rubric. In this training we were asked to write words that represent the purpose of teacher evaluation onto sticky notes to discuss and use to create a statement describing the purpose of teacher evaluation. Many notes were created […]

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RPT: Curriculum & Maps

A RandomProfoundThought: I’m noticingĀ an uptick of talk recently about “curriculum.” The classic definition of the word seems to describe courses – or a plan of courses: More and more we educators hearĀ the word in the context of activities, modules, units, assessments and such, that is, the stuff that happens in a course and classroom. Has […]

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