You, Me, and y=m(x)+b

A math-teaching colleague of mine recently commented that he struggles to find opportunities to overlay math work with other content. His frustration is echoed in the following Twitter conversation. Pop some popcorn and read on… So, after all this I’m wondering if this is the question I should ask my colleague: What is math? The […]

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Blah, Blah, Blah … Wait, What?

I work at a seven-year-old high school that was physically and academically designed as a “reform-minded” institution. Here’s our mission statement: Our mission is to transform high school learning through meaningful Relationships, Relevant learning, and a Rigorous academic environment where every Castle View student will graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful […]

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On Teaching Style

I teach because I love helping people. I love inspiring creativity and divergent thinking in my students. Teaching is fun, dynamic, and challenging work that provides a mix of instant and prolonged feedback as I interact with students, parents, and colleagues. To inspire learning and to witness the “light bulb” moments that take place as […]

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On Contributions and Drive

Have you ever watched children at play? They ask questions, observe, test, ask more questions, and, well, experiment. Children are curious and creative, yet by the time many of them reach high school they rarely identify themselves as such. As a teacher, especially as a science teacher, I feel responsible for re-introducing my students to […]

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